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The Bahamas is hands down one of the most talked about vacation spots in the world and J&S Scooters & Buggy Rentals as a part of that vacation experience is all the epic you need to make your stay here in the beautiful sand and sea… Perfecto!

It’s no secret that The Bahamas is filled with hidden treasures. J&S Scooters is one of them and you’ve found us! A full fleet of adventure dripping self and guided tours and rentals that make you and your crew reluctant to return home.


We are a Bahamian owned and operated company established some 20 years ago sporting only scooters and we’ve grown to incorporate a fleet of buggies, scooters, ATV’s and Jeep Wranglers all to outfit the perfect vacation. Our offerings include a wide range of tours. The self-guided tours allow our visitor the leisure of traveling the streets of The Bahamas as a lone soldier or with a friendly informed guide to steer the way.

The tours are primarily managed by your unique desires as we have found that they range from guest to guest with a structured 4 stop itinerary that most tourists emphatically enjoy.

J&S having serviced the tourism industry for as long as they have and in identifying our visitors thirst for the sea, recently on boarded a fleet to incorporate charters in our newest development, Chasing Charters  a full service of excursions equipped for boarding of up to 12 passengers. The charters take you into the deep Bahama chain to explore The Swimming Pigs, Petting of the Sharks, Explore the Island of Exuma, An evening tour of Nassau’s Harbor and best of all…there’s native food and drinks aboard the entire way for your consumption…now that’s a yummy deal! 

Fist Pumping, adrenaline packed voyages through the streets of The Bahamas!


Traveling as a bridal party? Make it a fleet in the streets kind of bachelor party with just enough scooters, buggies, jeep wranglers, and scooters to fill the streets with your posse’. Take the ride of your life before the dive!


Rollercoaster rides, death drops, and thrillers are a cocktail that only the strong at heart can endure…J&S Scooters turns the excitement down just a quarter of an inch. Get your helmets on it’s time for a wild ride!


Make it a rental and make all the stops you find interesting. Embrace the Bahamian culture, inviting natives, and experience the inland as well as the coastline at your leisure. 



Government House

The official residence of the Governor General of the Bahamas.
The official residence of the Governor General of the Bahamas since 1801, this imposing pink and white building on Duke Street 


The Cloisters

Stroll about the remains of a 14th century French Monastery that was imported, stone by stone, to the United States by the newspaper baron William Randolph Hearst in the 1920s;


Atlantis Paradise Island

The Atlantis Paradise Island is a resort and waterpark located on Paradise Island, The Bahamas. Officially opened in 1998, the resort was created by South African hotel magnate Sol Kerzner and Kerzner International Limited.

Pick Up/Drop Off Service

J&S is backed by a full concierge pick up and drop off service experience by shuttle. Avoid the hassle of calling and waiting for a taxi or jumping on the public bus transportation services. Pay no additional fees, mi casa es su casa in!

Office Hours

8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Mobile: +1 (242) 363-1283


Mobile: +1 (242) 424-2844
Cable Beach: +1 (242) 477-1020


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